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Download 237 professional music tracks and begin using them immediately.
PacDV Free Music
All free music to use in your projects. You just need to provide a link back to their site or mention the website in your credits. 28 music tracks available.
Sonnyboo for Indie Movie Makers
Completely free pieces of instrumental music for independent filmmakers. There's reggae, jazz, blues, new age, drones, and more. All music tracks are royalty free. All you have to do is credit the songwriter.
Free Music Tracks
7 music tracks free to use in your projects. You just need to give a credit.
Incompetech Free Music
Free music to download and use in your projects. All you need to do is credit the composer, although donations are suggested and highly appreciated. Read the Music FAQs. Royalty Free Music
An assortment of pop, rock, electronic, blues and acoustic music downloads licensed under the creative commons for personal or commercial use.
Public Domain 4 U
A nice selection of old classics in public domain.
Musopen - Free Public Domain Classical Music *Registration (free) is required
Musopen is an online music library of copyright free (public domain) music. The site's mission is to record or obtain recordings that have no copyrights so that visitors may listen, re-use, or in any way enjoy music.
Internet Archive: Audio Archive
There's tons of free classical, electronic, rock and dozens of other categories of music available for film, video, and multimedia productions. Just search using the term: 'Public Domain'. Please, respect the licencing requirements of anything not labeled 'Public Domain'.
Copyright Free Music
"Contained on this page is a selection of royalty free or semi-copyright free music (creative commons - some rights reserved). All of the audio tracks on this page were composed, performed and recorded by me, specifically for use as background or mood music in various film and video productions. However, you are free to use any song on this page (or any part of any song found on this page - editing for time is acceptable) in any manner that you see fit."
Midnight Cassette System
Hours of mp3 music tracks available that you can download, cut and use for free. No attribution required.
This site hosts Creative Commons or "Art Libre" licenced music for everyone. You have the ability to search for music that's free for either personal or commercial productions, or both. You can find lots of free music for your movies. Some music only requires attribution to the author that's free to use for commercial purposes.
MP Free Downloads
Download music for free for film and video productions. Quote: "You can download, share and use this music for commercial purposes. All music on this site is original and these works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please credit the website if you share this work. Enjoy!"
Open Music Archive
A large collection of music that has fallen out of copyright in the United Kingdom. Note that if you are accessing the site from outside the UK it may not be legal for you to download music from this site as the compositions and recordings may be bound to different copyright laws. Consult the FAQ page for further information.
Ghost Notes - Free Music
Beautiful piano tracks by Bill Cushman. Quote: "I have decided that I would like to lend, anyone who asks me, via email, comment, or other method, useage of my music for their commercial projects, free of charge and without me collecting the royalties on that specific production, once I have given them written approval."
A community music site featuring remixes, all licensed for use under Creative Commons license.
Free Production Music
Download a set of instrumental production music. These are royalty free music beds to use as much as you like for broadcast, internet, audio books, CDs, training programs, walk-in music or anything you like.

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